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Key presentations in English

As a footcare provider your role in caring for cancer patients will become increasingly important; to their feet, their mobility and overall quality of life!


Key presentations in English

As a footcare provider your role in caring for cancer patients will become increasingly important; to their feet, their mobility and overall quality of life!

Patient mobility inreasingly essential for  effectiveness of many cancer treatments

New  therapies increase patients’ life expectancy 

Cancer therapies can have side effects on patients’ feet, nails, hands, skin and hair

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Discover the theme and explore the programme of the 2019 Symposium

Attend the annual OVV-Symposium hosted by Mischa Nagel featuring

Professor Mario Lacouture (NYC) on June 15th 2019! Learn from and gain insights on:

  • Specialist Footcare and Oncology: What is the connection?

  • Cancer treatments side effects on patients’ feet, nails, skin

  • New (targetted) therapies extend patients life expectancy

  • Specialist care by properly trained foot-, nail- and skin- caregivers increasingly critical

  • Focus on patients’ quality of life


09u00 - 09u30 | ReceptionVisit sponsor information market
09u30 - 10u00 | Welcome & opening - dr. Annemie Galimont-Collen, Dermatologist 
10u00 - 11u00 | Session One – Professor Mario Lacouture (ENG)
11u00 - 11u30 | Morning breakVisit sponsor information market
11u30 - 12u30 | Session Two – Professor Mario Lacouture (ENG)
12u30 - 13u30 | Lunch breakVisit sponsor information market
13u30 - 14u15 | Presentation Brigitte de Jong (NL)*
14u15 - 15u15 | Session Three – Professor Mario Lacouture (ENG)
15u15 - 15u45 | Afternoon breakVisit sponsor information market
15u45 - 16u45 | Session Four  – Professor Mario Lacouture (ENG)
16u45 - 17u00 | Wrap-up and close– Mischa Nagel

* this session is likely to be in Dutch - a patient and her/ his story are always represented at our events; see below. The patient is our continuous focus in everything we do, This session may be moved to a later time slot to better accommodate international guests (t.b.d.).​​

All presentations by Mario Lacouture will be in English. Moderators Annemie Gallimont-Collen and Mischa Nagel will facilitate general understanding and communication by translating questions from / to e.g. Dutch and German.

Professor Mario Lacouture

Mario Lacouture is no stranger to the Onco-Foot Symposium. In 2019 he returns to give four unique one hour sessions in which he will explain the growing importance of specialist and safe foot care -and knowledge thereof- to patients affected by side effects that result from cancer treatments.

Professor Mario Lacouture (USA; Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center New York; Weill Cornell Medical College) has focused his clinical career on the recognition and management of side effects affecting the feet and nails of cancer patients and survivors. He is considered a leading authority in this field. Side effects can occur as a consequence of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or therapeutic transplants. Similar effects also may also be experienced in patients' hands, skin and hair.

This will include epidemiology, impact, types of reactions, structure and function of skin and nails and mechanisms of cancer and its treatment. 

Side effects of chemotherapy and practical tips for the target group to take effective care without intervention in treatment or colliding with treatment. 

Targeted therapy. Side effects. Is callus forming under the feet a chronic side effect and what is the best and safe way to take care of that?   

This one speaks for itself.

Cancer patients who receive treatment (chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or therapeutic transplants) may experience side effects, affecting their nails and skin of the feet. A clinical research focus on foot complications that are the result of cancer therapies does not exist. However, these complications are increasingly common and have a significant negative impact on the mobility and overall quality of life of cancer patients and survivors.

Proper, responsible and informed care for feet affected by such complications is extremely important. The oncological foot requires a unique approach which is much different from other ‘high-risk feet’. Professional competence and safety are therefore of paramount importance. In addition, preventative screening and interdisciplinary cooperation (e.g. between the foot-caregiver and the oncology team in the hospital) are also very important in cancer foot care.

Onco-Foot Care/ OVV


Mischa Nagel and oncological footcare

OVV® is a registered trademark and is an acronym for Oncologisch Voetzorg Verlener (‘Oncology Footcare Provider’); founded by Mischa Nagel in 2013. The 'OVV'-Symposium is typically reserved for the team of 300 or so "OVV’s"; these foot-care specialists have been certified upon completion of a highly specialized and customized curriculum, a two-day internship in an oncological ward/ hospital and passing both a written and verbal examination. Individual certification needs to be renewed annually; in addition to submitting patient case studies, attendance of the symposium is mandatory annual schooling for every OVV.

In 2013, Mischa Nagel was a global pioneer in recognizing the oncological foot and was instrumental in the development of a dedicated curriculum for footcare professionals. During the past six years, 300 onco-foot caregivers -referred to as OVV- have been trained. OVV has become a brand which has greatly contributed to global recognition of and attention for the oncological foot. Recently Mario Lacouture and Mischa have co-authored two articles on this topic in scientific magazines. The first of these ‘Podiatric Adverse Events and Foot Care in Cancer Patients and Survivors  was published in the Journal of American Podiatric Medical Association (Nov-18).

Mischa has also established the Oncofoot Foundation thus ensuring a solid scientific basis for OVV. Mario Lacouture heads the Scientific Board of the foundation in addition to four other respected medical authorities. Check the webpage for more information about background and aims of the foundation in addition to meeting the other members of the board.

"Looking back in 2019 to about six years ago, specialized oncological foot care was not a consideration nor did it feature on anyone’s agenda. I still remember in rather graphic detail the dynamics and emotions this subject evoked within the Dutch foot-care ‘industry’.

As a global pioneer, we piloted our carefully designed and scientifically based OVV curriculum with 63 trainees. At the same time -beyond the safety of a classroom environment- strong opinions questioning even the existence of the oncological foot were starting to spin out of control even to the level of the Dutch Secretary for Healthcare. The vast majority firmly rejected the (existence of) the oncological foot. There was no such thing…

The oncological foot does exist!

Our initial pilot was just the beginning and the first in a still growing list of achievements! Since 2013 we have ‘transformed’ over 300 footcare providers to a team of highly motivated, skilled, qualified and annually certified OVV’s in both the Netherlands and Belgium (Flanders). Internationally, our initiative has increasingly gained traction and in attention, recently resulting in two publications in medical journals. The oncological foot in 2019 is not rejected anymore but has during these past years been firmly embraced by professional associations of footcare providers who are even labelling it a spearhead initiative.

As an organization we work closely with 66 oncology departments of hospitals across the Netherlands and Belgium. As part of the curriculum -and before being allowed to take their exam- OVV-students do a two-day internship in one of these hospitals. General feedback following these internships from the oncological staff is extremely positive.

IKNL-the Dutch quality institute for oncological and palliative research and practice- have started including OVV’s as qualified and recommended foot care providers in their digital referral guide (DVO) which is used by oncologists and oncologic nurses to locate qualified care providers outside the walls of the hospital. A similar initiative will shortly be launched for Belgian colleagues.

We also provide our proprietary online patient information platform in regards of footcare and cancer (oncofoot.com). It provides detailed information about care provided by an OVV, care guidelines an OVV needs to adhere to and the OVV competencies. A ‘store-finder’ like map enables a patient to easily locate and contact the nearest OVV.​

Not in my wildest dreams could I imagine how much the oncological foot and the OVV program would develop since 2013. Now in 2019 in just over two months -on June 15th team OVV join ‘their’ Professor Lacouture to be updated on recent developments, insights and studies in their field of expertise.

Providing safe foot care to individual cancer patients, but also a wider appreciation for and understanding of the growing need for such care are the basis for the symposium. Professor Lacouture will share his well-respected and recognized views on how this care will benefit the quality of life of cancer patients.

Mario Lacouture has presented to the OVV team on previous occasion.

Mischa Nagel is passionate about providing the right healthcare to patients, which benefit their quality of life. In addition to developing and designing care processes -like OVV- he also distributes information on relevant healthcare developments (oncology, diabetes, fungal infections …) through education initiative and various other channels including Facebook, LinkedIn, newsletters, books and articles.

Annemie Gallimont-Collen will be moderating the symposium. She is a well-respected dermatologist and also involved with OVV as a content consultant and lecturer. Please check this weblink for her impressive resume, including a great number of publications both in the Netherlands and internationally.

Check here for more information about conference center ‘De Werelt’– it also offers affordable accommodation options and ample parking

Tickets for the symposium are available online through EventBrite and priced at €185. Early-bird tickets offering 10% discount will now be available until April 20th.

This includes coffee, tea, buffet lunch, soft drinks and digital access to presentation content. Reservations costs are also included. Our events are VAT exempt (0%).

  • Date 15 June 2019 – 9:30 until 17:00

  • Location: Conference Centre ‘De Werelt’ in Lunteren, the Netherlands

  • 10% early-bird discount applies until April 20th – regular price is €185 (incl. VAT, coffee/ tea/ soft drinks, buffet style lunch and electronic access to presentations

Main sponsor of the Onco-foot Symposium is Schein Orthopädie Service KG uit Remscheid Duitsland. A further 15 companies will present themselves and their products at the OVV information market. Their support makes it possible to organize the symposium.

The Schein Group is recognized as a competent supplier to the orthopedic industry. Schein continuously challenges itself to develop products that support and provide relief in everyday life to people who suffer from foot related orthopedic problems.



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