Integrative Healthcare Expert
Mischa Nagel

Mischa Nagel is an expert on integrative healthcare.

He develops and organizes national conventions, courses and seminars. 

Footcare & Oncology

In 2013, Mischa Nagel (1965) was the first to notice the lack of foot care in oncology. Foot conditions are common among cancer patients as side effect of treatment, and have a considerable negative impact on e.g. patients’ ambulation and general quality of life. 

In fact, there was a lack of general guidelines for screening or care of cancer treatment–related foot events. This is in contrast with foot care protocols for patients with diabetes and arthritis, where podiatric care is a critical component of disease control.

Curriculum Oncological Foot Care Provider

Together with six specialists, Mischa Nagel therefore developed a curriculum for podiatrists. In 2013, the educational course 'Oncological Foot Care Provider' was introduced in the Netherlands. In 2016, this curriculum also initiated in Belgium, and at the end of 2018 it will become available in New York, US. Mischa Nagel is the moderator and one of the teachers of this educational course. 

Currently, more than 300 professionals have earned an accreditation by following (part of) the curriculum. 66 oncological wards throughout the Netherlands and Belgium provide internships to participants of the curriculum.

In 2015, Mischa Nagel gave a presentation on foot conditions as a result of cancer treatments during the dermato-oncology symposium in New York. After this, the ASCO POST (magazine of The American Association of Clinical Oncology) published the article Foot Care in Oncology - the Cancer Patient from Ankle to Toe, of which Mischa Nagel was a first author.​

Mischa Nagel's search for other forms of integrative healthcare continues. He organizes national and international conventions, courses and seminars which revolve around the synergy between medicine and healthcare.

Curriculum Vitae Mischa Nagel

  • Took over his parents' farmaceutical company at age 25

  • Founded Supplement, an organisation that intended to share knowledge on complementary treatment methods with physicians, therapists and patients

  • Published 'the Medical Foot': a journal on medical foot care that since 2008 became the major knowledge platform for medical footcare providers (published in Dutch and French)

  • Is an international speaker and panel member specialized in integrative medicine, specialty oncology

  • Is an international acclaimed teacher in medical footcare;

  • Published several books and articles

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Mischa Nagel
"In the Netherlands alone, there are more than 2 million people
that are experiencing trouble
with their feet. Enabling foot care providers with the right information
is of utmost importance."
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